From the Chaplains Desk

Welcome to the Chaplaincy of the Catholic University of Malawi.

The Catholic University of Malawi believes in quality holistic education. As such, the University has the office of the Chaplain whose aim is to offer pastoral and spiritual care to both students and members of staff. It provides support, guidance and counselling with a view to facilitating the wellness of individuals and the entire community at the university. Hence, the chaplaincy is a safe and confidential point of contact for all students and members of staff.

While the office of the Chaplain is highly connected to religious care, it goes beyond this understanding as it emanates from an integral view of the human person.  The chaplaincy attends to various facets of human life – physical, emotion, social, spiritual and intellectual.

The Chaplaincy is ready to accompany anybody regardless of one’s religious affiliation. We are there to journey with you, carry you through life’s challenges, and celebrate your joys and successes.  We are there to help you flourish at this University.

The Chaplain’s office is found behind the Assembly Hall, attached to the Chapel. It is available to all students and staff for a confidential chat.

Wishing you all the best in your daily endeavours and as we journey together towards excellence. May God bless you all.